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Art commission

PayPal account:
I am currently only accepting Paypal

I’ll ask you to send me the money so that I know that you’ve got it/so that it sits in PayPal without you using it and not being able to pay me.
Please make sure you send as a GIFT, since the fee gets taken from my paid money otherwise!
PayPal note please write in the available space the name you contacted me on (GaiaOnline ,etc) so that I know whose payment to accept.

I will keep you updated on the progress of your art and send regular updates.

Please fill out this form and send it to me either through email or Gaia:

Name -
Character - (picture link please, If avatar please provide a tektek or item list)
Other - (additional information about the character/s, link to bio)
Medium - (Lineart or colored)
Color - (If you chose line art)
Type - (waist, fullbody)
Total -

You can see all of my artwork here.
Contact Info: | MSN/email: | Gaiaonline: Katurn

Art Info:

Waist:  Lineart: $15 cad  //  Colored: $25 cad // Couples: Double

Fullbody:  Lineart: $35 cad  // Colored: $45 cad // Couples: Double